About Us

Welcome to Seicho Capital

Our Mission

We assist our clients by helping them determine which markets to access, what structures are most appropriate and how best they can position their businesses with investors and lenders to attain optimal terms.

What We Do

More about Our company

Seicho Capital is a tenacious boutique investment bank with a market leading practice in raising debt capital for mid and sized financial institutions & pharmaceutical and chemical businesses poised to capitalize on the growth of these sectors in India.

We have deep connections with national & international banks, investment funds and institutional lenders that are eager to invest in these sectors.

Relentless in reducing cost of capital, our team of analysts also works towards providing credit rating advisory with an aim to get our clients a credit rating upgrade.

How it Works



  • Market pre-sounding tests and identification of the optimal investor profile
  • Working on how best the business can be positioned with investors and lenders to attain optimal returns
  • Analysis and evaluation of different transaction alternatives


  • Where a debt raise is required, we leverage our algorithm and domain knowledge to work towards achieving a positive transformation in your credit rating which would significantly reduce cost of capital


  • Definition of the transaction strategy and structure
  • Evaluation of market interest
  • Documentation and marketing
  • Evaluate offers and structures that are suitable.
  • Negotiating and closing the transaction(s)