1. Financial Institutions

Our core strength lies in sourcing low-cost debt for mid-sized financial institutions. Our team works relentlessly in opening new debt lines for this space with banks (Foreign, Public & Private). We also work closely with impact investment funds and global development agencies which are keen to invest in this sector.

2. Fintechs

As investments into India’s Fintech space sees a surge, we have developed and grown our practice in assisting Fintechs & Digital players to partner with lending banks & NBFCs to lend to consumers & businesses. With algorithm-driven credit decisions potentially lowering risks, this co-lending model is witnessing phenomenal success.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Success in the pharma industry is deeply intertwined with the research and development process that characterizes it which often needs patient low-cost capital. Our lender partners are also particularly interested in supporting businesses that produce or form part of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) value chain.

4. Speciality Chemicals

Sectoral tailwinds such as China cracking down on environment scofflaws forcing some small chemical makers to shut down, increasing Interest in India as an alternative, and a huge local demand base; our lender partners and investors are excited to partner with chemical businesses that are benefiting from this shift.

5. Startups

While traditional sources of capital are generally wary about lending to loss-making companies, we enjoy unique partnerships with banks that understand cash flows of emerging startups and are willing to back them to forge long term partnerships. We also assist venture backed startups with venture debt which is typically structured as senior debt with tenors of up to three years and involves significantly less equity dilution for founders & investors.